Akun Issyk-Kul

Hotel Akun Issyk-Kul is located near the edge of the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Holidaymakers are attracted by the unique warm climate, and the availability of recreation. In transparent waters so nice ride on a pleasure steamer, trying to see through the water column spiers lost cities, and mysterious shadows sunken temples.


Akun Issyk-Kul – Kyrgyzstan is a hotel that pleases the guests with care and eastern European quality around them. Quick Uzbekistan Airways flight to the city Bishkek, and fun shuttle service to the town of Kara-Oy, takes you into the charming atmosphere of the hotel. Tour operators Kyrgyzstan are ready to recommend this hotel thrifty traveler, who for a modest sum would like to receive all the possible entertainment.


Emerald, alluring natural green area hides charming booths in several buildings. Seeking peace and privacy should choose one of the cottages. Comfortable rooms here offer the necessary detail and nice additions in the form of TV, pleasing their furniture and the convenience of a great bathroom.


The restaurant not only offers excellent dishes of European and Asian cuisine, but also attracts guests with unique views of the expanse of Lake Issyk-Kul. In addition to a hearty breakfast, guests will tempt the full flavor and variety for lunch and dinner. To treat yourself to something firewater or refreshing, or to diversify the menu can be a light snack at one of the several bars.


In addition to the constant pool where expanses lagoon overcame not as frightening as the boundless waters of the lake, visitors can hone their accuracy in table tennis, who bravely fight in a billiard game. Those who are on holiday and carefully monitor the contours of the figure will appreciate the gym.


Meeting is ready to take a rest in the walls that are configured on a business footing. To the meetings were held, as planned, the hotel staff is always ready to provide all the necessary equipment.


For younger guests onsite Kyrgyzstan rebuilt remarkably elaborate playground, where all day malyshnya can climb, jump, swing, or to arrange an incredible competition in agility. To Homesick guys are not in the children’s collective, with them a team of animators, entertainers.