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This is the dead Lake, which is situated southward of Issyk-Kul. For the first time it was found only in 2001, quite by an accident. Its uniqueness is in its salinity, as the salt level is 132 grams per liter of water, which exceeds seventy per cents. The lake is located at an altitude of 1604 meters above the sea level and is considered a therapeutic source for many patients. It is believed that it is necessary for everyone to visit this lake, because even if you are completely healthy, you will be under unforgettable impressions of what you see. The most detailed information can be obtained in Kirghistan travel agency, it will also assist to organize a wonderful trip.

The lake is perfectly relaxing, it is enough to lie on the surface of water and meditate, or read a book. Due to the increased concentration of salt in the Kara-Kul Lake it is impossible to drown. People with different diseases, mainly gynecological, musculo-skeletal and skin diseases are flocking to it. On the coast there is a special therapeutic mud with the help of which people rejuvenate skin and strengthen the organism tone.

To get to the lake Kara-Kul is not easy, the road is winding and not asphalted in places, but during that time you can admire the scenery of the Kirghiz canyon. The length of the road is thirteen kilometers. However, by visiting the Kara-Kul Lake you will acquire not only the improvement of your body, but also aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of the nature of this place.

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