Yurt camp in Son-Kul lake.

Юрты Киргизии

This camp is situated on Song-Kul shore, which is forty kilometers away from Tolok Pass. Mountain loch located beside range at 3016 meters altitude. Tourists from Kirghizstan tour packages can enjoy all that picturesque place magnificence including pure transparent water and fresh mountainous air. Here tourists are met by untouched nature featuring beautiful landscape with a complete absence of any shrubs or trees. Nevertheless, a huge number of medicinal plants featuring rare flowers grow in this area. One of these is edelweiss, alpine flowers that bloom after snow melts. Therefore, since ancient times, such area was well suited for pasture.


The camping has ten yurts for travelers and two dining ones. You will find carpets on the floor as well as stove inside each one. Modern toilets either warm shower are available.

Season starts from July until September.

Housing with beds either meal for four persons per yurt provided.