Famous museums of Kyrgyzstan

Museum of Petroglyphs, Cholpon Ata    

This open air museum has a huge collection of ancient stones and boulders with drawings, aged 800-1200 BC. The territory is so large, that comprises whole stone garden with huge instances from 30 centimeters to 3 meters. These graphic arts show us the episodes of ancient people’s life, including wars, hunting, animals, plants and other scenes. Travelers in central Asia can see circles of stone, carved warriors and tombs, covered with moss.


Historical Museum, Cholpon Ata

This museum was established with a purpose to show the history and traditional culture of local people and, of course the habitation of flora and fauna species of that region. Tourists will be able to see different things, which people used for living and entertaining. Coins, weapons, musical instruments, carpets and other exponents of people’s lifestyle are displayed in distinctive sections.



Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek

This museum was established in 70`s with a purpose to demonstrate republic’s culture and history. The large variety of exponents, including sculpture, paintings, portraits and the art of handcrafting are gathered in this marvelous place to show the people’s life from earlier times to nowadays.



State History Museum, Bishkek

This museum in modernist architectural building was established with a purpose to show soviet past in republics history. Statues and busts of some leaders made from bronze, wall paintings with special graphics and archeological exponents of national history and art, including horse and yurt models are demonstrated on the same floor.



Nikolai Przhevalsky Museum, Karakol

This museum of Russian ethnographer and explorer was established in 50`s with a purpose to preserve books, outlines and drawings of expeditions in central Asia. The scientist had unusual collection, including stuffed animal horse, low relief map and big globe, which attract tourist to this place. The explorer’s burial place is in the backyard and travelers can see the real horse, which lives near the museum in nearby facilities.


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