Kyrgyz cultural traditions have close connection to nomadic tribes populated the land. The culture is differing from national milestones of other neighboring countries as Kyrgyz ancestors were not only settled farmers, but nomads, who traveled in central Asia from place to place to find fresh pasture. The combination of these different ways of living had much influence on culture and people’s lifestyle.

Kyrgyz ballads and songs are the significant parts of national folklore and ethnic affiliation. They express different emotions, including; loss, sorrow and joy and completely lyrical injustice. Folk singers were invited for different occasions, especially on weddings and musicians played uncommon musical instruments like komuz, chopo choor and kyl kyyak.

The traditional Kyrgyz art includes jewelry, leather making, weaving, embroidery, wood carving and felt manufacture. People’s lifestyle and requirements in some products affected on their skills and handicrafts.

Felt manufacture is highly developed because of yurts, circular tents of felt, used by Kyrgyz nomads  and preserved to nowadays, especially popular in restaurants and with tourists groups, as a shelter in a long journey to steppes. The art of yurts decoration passed from one generation to another and felt carpets or mats of different colors on the floor have family seals and tribe patterns from early times.

The mats are significant part of people’s lifestyle because they protect carpets of humidity, decorate the habitation and show the masters skills. Embroidered with various patterns and colors they made of wool.

Kyrgyz women are masters of embroidery, because they learn this art from childhood, helping mothers, aunts and grandmothers. As women succeed in felt and carper making, younger girls often start with embroidery including felt, fabrics, leather and bags.

People’s way of living influenced on leather making, including clothes, shoes, horse framing and bags. Pieces of clothing and horse decoration elements play the significant role in Kyrgyz lifestyle


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