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Its location sets southward of the Lake Issyk-Kul. If you look at the canyon from the side of the roadway, it does not seem particularly interesting, it is a small mountain slopes and rare shrubs. But if you walk into the depths, you can see the embossed mountain ranges with colored soils, which are truly amazing. In the presence of fantasy, peculiar eruptions of rocks can be taken for fabulous castles, palaces and you can even see the outlines of monsters. Therefore, it is much more interesting to travel with Kyrgyzstan tour operators, who are always able to draw your attention to what you need to notice, thus increase the sensuality of your impressions.

Canyon “fairy tale” gained popularity relatively recently. In ancient times people were not interested in this area, because the soil here is not fertile, so this natural site was left without much attention. In order to visit the canyon, you need to choose dry weather, in the rain it is impossible to pass through. Since the red clay, which basically consists of soil, becomes wet and viscous. But after the rainy weather due to soil yielding to natural elements, each time the landscape of the canyon “fairy tale” changes.

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