National Pastimes

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Burkutchi (eagle hunting).

Falconry, using ringtail, across Kergyzstan considered relatively common. ‘Cause it is enthralling, moreover, brings considerable profit. Any bird of prey perfectly hunts fur beasts, numerous raptorials, hares, foxes, marmots, wolves including other small animals capable of causing irreparable damage to region’s agriculture.

Not easy for hunter retrieve an eagle-chick from nest. Nests are settled in inaccessible places on high cliffs. It’ll require especial skill, particular knowledge. Besides, afterwards, mass of patience to accustom immature birdy to venatics.

You can often see elderly huntsman, balancing a proud feathered friend on his upper arm in steppe. He circles possessions in order look out predator or fur-animal as victim. Man’s hearing excellent, he’s capable hear even quietiest rustle in bushes. Furthermore, professional sharp-sighted eye’s able catch flickering target’s shadow.

Immediately, you’d remove tomogo from golden-eagle. Tommogo means cap, enfolding predator’s cranium. Forthcoming moment, feathered-creature flies toward its chase headlong, which could no longer escape from feathered-hunter. In matter of seconds, eagle-bird grabs its quarry, relentlessly sticks sharp claws into it. Resistance’s useless, aquila has strong paws, they actually twist animal.

Jooluk Tashtamai (tossing headscarf)

Conventional youthful fun. All participating folks, sit round circle close to each other. Odd man out walks outside circlet behind backs of those sitting, cunningly holds a twisted handkerchief. Assigned task – discreetly plant muckender to one of’em. Then he keeps going past players’ backsides. If one who got neckerchief didn’t notice it, odd-man, having made zodiac, comes beating onlooker. Requirement of latter – dodge beatings, run perimeter, eventually have time sit down on previous position. If this person manages fulfill errands promptly, odd-man-out remains same. Again, analogous actions continue. If not, sufferer changes role with player. Because Kyrgyzstan’s nearest to our country, quite attainable acquire Kyrgiz cheap travel packages, watch curious Kyrgyz leisure-time.

Besh Tash (five-stones)

Game attractive to girls-teenagers. Every participant’s arsenal – five pocket-size boulders. Manipulating them, girls demonstrate juggling ability. Everyone may play in variety of ways. Here’re described general techniques:

First way

Several bones’re laid on earth. Fifth thrown up, meanwhile, someone needs to snatch one pebble, simultaneously entrap flying. So in one palm should be two pebbles. Now they flip twosome, while another gravel’s taken with same manus. Three objects supposed appear inside meathook. The same thing is done already with threesome cobbles. Consequently, foursome shingles get into fist. Finely, there might be pentad cobblestones in his hand. Ultimately toss fivesome items, unhesitatingly hit floorboards with your mitt, synchronically grapple all boondies.

Second method

Somebody abruptly scatters grits in front of crowd in arbitrary manner. One grit is tossed, jointly take turns climb all quadruplet. Next 2 rubbles rises making one hurling, thereafter triplet. Finally, all tetrad goolies raised in single flinging, scattered on floor’s surface.

Chakan Atmai (Chakon Tosh)

So-called entertainment’s usually played by young, sometimes middle-aged students. Fewer competitors’ number – ten. Otherwise, boys split into teams consisting five-seven attenders. Kirgyzstan tour operators talked lots about mentioned amusement. For Chaken Atmay, choose spacious, steady platform, presumably twenty-thirty by ten-fifteen meters. Each participant must prepare flat stone, match-box sized. It’ll be bat, secondly boulder little larger, acts as “babka”.

Team, whose contestant first knocks down “bobka”, begins action approximately twenty meter away. Rest take turns trying bring  headstock downward, entailing aforementioned rivals’ bits, who remain seating after theirs blow. For all hits group awarded points. Squad, scoring more points’ll be announced subduer.

Teke Chabysh

Speaking modern language, assumed pastime – kinda ground-hockey. Participators quantity from 3 till 10 people. On flat covering, circumference 4-4.6 steps in diameter is drawn. In center dig hole called “cauldron” (boiler). Subsequently, few more holes’re formed along circumference’s latitude at equal distance.

Contenders’ duty of both groups – make sure that opponents don’t throw “teky” inwards main hollow. All partakers have putter-clubs stuck inward hollows, arranged around ringlet. During competition, clubs alternately removed from dimples for such purposes: roll back teike, afterward they’re placed back towards their place. Kyrgizstan tour practically accomplished by buying ticket to peaceful neighbouring land.


This’s sort of fight on horses, requiring combatants physical strength, aptitude stay in saddle, equestrian skills. Odorish-game has been popular amongst Kyrgizyan human beings for prolonged time-period. Competitions can be personal, likewise team-personal. Only male, who’s reached age nineteen’n older can become contest member. Representatives divided into four weight-categories:

Weighting up-to sixty kilogram;

Light-weight till seventy kilograms;

Average-weight – eighty kg;

heavy weight over 80;

Contestants’ mission – pull opposer off his horse in all accessible schemes, victory will be regarded correspondingly, if enemy’d fall together with colt.

Fifteen minutes given for everything. Confrontations themselves’re held on smooth ground. Broadness shouldn’t be less than thirty-fourty metrs. If allotted 15 minute did not reveal conquistador, soon-after short break another 5 sixty-seconds appointed. Repeated absence of result declares “standoff”. In some cases, winner determined by counting points. But absolute prizewinner stays entrant, who managed pull opponent off stallion. Anyone’d be grateful observe show personally, booking greatest Bishkek hotels obtaining reasonable prices.

Success defined not simply due performer’s muscular capability & agility, but supplementarily, his talent control mustang. Certain tournament regulations established:

Prohibition on head girth use, twisting opposer’s hands;

Hitting dissenter, racehorse prohibited;

No grab onto rider’s body, hair, stallion’s outfit, etc.

According regalement, Ododarish presents individual, personal-team, team-championship awards.

All Kyrgyzian activities concerning steeds, characterized by their nomadic lifestyle. Potentiality handle steed conditioned by everyday life plus military-applied value.


Belt struggle, customary amid many Eastern humans. By its own rules, it features freestyle struggling. Until recent times, Kyrgyzston was subdivided into southern and northern. Southernly style has spread to Osh region, where tripping, leg-show, skit’n cling to limbs forbidden. In northernly country’s part, various options knock fighter off his feet permitted. Here, kauresh resembles freestyle-wrestling.

Within contemporary times, world-class kureish adheres more northern-variant ordinances. Check out following strategies:

Legs skitting’n girthing;

Grabbing leg clinging your foot;

Grappling one metacarpus by neck;

Capture waistband frontward’n back;

Throwing through hip;

Front’n side girdle;

Hurl over half-bridge;


Clutching fingers

Gripping enemy’s feet handling arms;

Fling enemy head-down;

Anti-articular methods;

Pitch without grasping cummerbund;

Suffocating elbow grip performing elbow-bend;

Spurt only adversary’s noggin operating two meathooks (one hand allowed).

Kyrgyzstan travel agency offers unique opportunity explore this federation, fully enjoy unforgettable performance. Holding kurash tournaments athletes constrained take part in prescribed categories. Ther’re also youth championships wherein adolescent (sixteen-eighteen years old) partake in wrestling. Adolescents start fighting reaching age nineteen. Different contractions period: teenagers wrestle 4 sixty-second, adult wrestlers – six minuties. If prizeman undetermined throughout that time-interval, “draw” becomes counted.

If challenger put both shoulder blades upon carpet, athlete confirmed conqueror. Additionally, vanquished declared combatant who touched floor with shovels, refused compete or violated keresh prescriptions. Fight’s being held on 6×6 metres flooring. Orderliness states, sportsmen obliged wear undermentioned clothes:


Light trousers;

Easy-fitting shoes;

Special “kur” binding, ninety centimetre wide’n two hundred centimetres long.

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