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Niezbek yuli, 54, Tashkent, Independence Square
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Outside Niyozbek Yuli, 54 located in Tashkent Hotel Silver. Can be guided on the Independence Square. It should be immediately taken into account that the hotel is ideal for guests without children. Silver also will not be able to bring pets. The visitors at the door meet the helpful concierge, and round the clock reception, you can quickly arrange expedited or individual registration. Staff cleaned the rooms every day, trying not to disturb the guests visiting undesirable time. Breakfast Buffet Silver amazes even the most avid travelers – so many dishes offered at him. In the lounge you can enjoy breakfast, incidentally acquainted with the newly arriving guests. The rooms have a desk that allows you not only to fully relax, but also work. Smoking is prohibited in the Silver, therefore it is necessary to identify those sites that have been set aside for this.

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