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ul.Sagbad, house 95, Tashkent. Not far from the complex Hast-Imamул.
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Among the colorful streets of old Tashkent, not far from the complex Hast-Imam, the hotel is located Mirzo, referring to a type “B-B”. The friendly staff strives to make every day a new unforgettable experience. The morning begins with a fragrant breakfast, which mainly treats are the national dish. Dine in the cozy covered patio, under the shade of trees and surrounded by beautiful flower gardens.


Rest in Tashkent remembered calm and harmonious atmosphere, leaving only the most positive impression in the memory. Opposite the hotel is a mini-market, where you can always buy food or essentials. Going into the city, you can take with a packed lunch, or simply dine in one of the many cafes.


The hotel in Tashkent there are rooms for non-smokers, and smoking lovers given a special place. To pay for the services offered at the hotel can only be in cash, so you should take care of their presence in advance. Besides the individual walks, you can go on a trip with a guide that will certainly hold guests on the most interesting places in Tashkent.

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