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Street Mirzo Ulukbek 1, Tashkent Not far from the famous Amir Temur Square
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Not far from the famous Amir Temur Square, in the central zone of Tashkent is the friendly hotel Miracle. The morning begins with breakfast, characterized by an abundance of fruits and fresh vegetables – this set the table in a separate room allocated. You can also go to dine in one of the restaurants that are located near the hotel in Tashkent. It features and furnishings of the rooms, where there is a multi-channel TV, split system, a spacious fridge, as well as streamlined shower in the bathroom with a set of cosmetics.


Close to Miracle, you can find a lot of markets, and great convenience is that you can not pay bills only but also with the help of VISA-card. Hotel guests in Uzbekistan will certainly recommend to go to Kukeldash, whose construction dates back to XVI century. The Miracle, you can use Wi-Fi, pay for it is not charged. It also provides internet access, but its speed may sometimes not be very satisfactory. Yet we must remember that to bring pets in the Miracle impossible.


Relax in the hotel Miracle – it’s quiet days, saturated interesting excursions and marked hospitality of the staff, which can not fail to please.

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