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Samarkand, 122 Amir Timur Street
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In Samarkand Amir Timur Street, 122 Hotel Astor is located. Architectural building four stories always enjoyed great demand among tourists – security, courteous staff, cleanliness in every room- all here, as in the best European hotels. While in the room, it is impossible to not appreciate the magnificent repairs, equipment, as well as the design that in a very strange place, you can feel at home.


Restaurant  separate issue, where you can dine and etc. PICs, whether morning or very late meal or book a part of the premises for private events – in such cases it becomes a pleasant surprise gift from the institution, which is celebrated Birthdays, anniversaries, honeymooners. Restlessness of youth necessarily has to taste the local bar. It always plays popular music, a lot of visitors, as well as have the opportunity to try to claim cocktail that bartender is helpful to prepare the eyes of the few minutes. Morning is better to start with a massage, which will give your body lightness and finish scalding steam saunas, famous herbal sessions.


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