On Afrosiab Street, 2 there is an architectural art museum. It collected more than 100 thousand exhibits, which tell visitors about the rich cultural life and great heritage of the people of Uzbekistan. Approaching the celebration of the century from the day of creation, which will be held in 2022, the museum-preserve simply amazes with the objects collected throughout the whole epoch. Here you can see the garments decorated with gold painting, subject only to the true Bukhara artisans. Ganch carving, unique chasing on copper, decorating, changing money, household items, books, old maps, magnificent statues, painting – admiring the works of art, passing from generation to generation, can be ad infinitum. The only day when the museum is closed for prevention is Wednesday.

Today, after the museum has been awarded the title of State, the reserve is divided into 6 branches. In total, the museum represents 18 permanent expositions, which are not only held within the walls of the building, but also in other architectural monuments of Bukhara. Visiting them, guests can learn about many interesting things. For example, visitors to the citadel Ark will get acquainted with numismatics, nature, the sources of Bukhara writing, in the residence of the emirs of Bukhara Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa, artifacts are available to the guests, and in Fayzulla Khodjaev’s house one can learn about the history of this merchant family. Also there are expositions that tell about the key historical events of Bukhara in the medieval madrassah of Kukeldash, in Khanaka Nadir Divan-begi, in the carpet museum in Magoki-Attori, Mausoleum Chashma-Ayub and other museums, which will tell the staff of this wonderful reserve. Call – (+99 865) 2241349, 2242107.