In the Mirabad district on T. Shevchenko street, 11a one of the most unique and unique Tashkent objects is the Museum of Geology. Working for almost 30 years, the museum is constantly replenished with new treasures – minerals, precious stones, as well as archaeological and paleontological finds.

The land of Uzbekistan is very rich, on its surface there are aspiring mountains ascending, and mysterious caves, which keep their dark secrets for thousands of years, and stately but soulless desert spaces. Therefore, the Uzbek geological service for 75 years of existence was able to collect truly valuable breeds of materials belonging to different epochs. Here, too, finds have been made that have made a significant contribution to the history of the creation of terrestrial layers that shed light on the ever-changing history of the Earth.

More than 50 thousand exhibits were collected by the staff of the museum, but not all of them are presented for the general review. The repositories have completely unique findings, the value of which does not allow them to be displayed for general viewing. The remaining items are divided into thematic halls, which in the museum there are 12 pieces. In total, fossils represent nine diverse topics, for example, mineralogy, findings of paleontologists, the gifts of the ancient mining industry and other values.

Very often the school is visited by schoolchildren, for whom educational lectures are held, telling about all the riches that the Uzbek land so generously shares. In addition, due to the close cooperation with other museums, on-site exhibitions are constantly organized, which help in joint scientific research. It is also remarkable that the Museum of Geology is in the closest proximity to the Museum of Arts. Call – (+99871) 256-11-72, 256-13-41.