Memorial of Hakim at-Termezi

Just 7 kilometers from Termez there is a large- scale memorial complex, created in honor of the spiritual head of the city. The complex, built on the border between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, includes a wide variety of architectural structures.


The architects of that era in the construction of the mausoleum used the base of the existing building at that location. Through such actions, they managed to avoid imbalance in the complex, where every building is continuously complemented by the following one. The builders also took care of the proper decoration of the complex. Most of the buildings are decorated with the help of epigraphy. A classic epigraphic frieze was used to separate the immediate wall from the dome.


Major restoration works were carried out in the memorial complex at the end of the twelfth century. As a result of restoration it was managed to almost completely recreate fragments of the art painting.