Mazar Kyzyl

Mazar Kyzyl – the largest monument Uchtepa. You can find it not far from the ancient city of Tokachi. The first research expedition came here only in 1963. Before their eyes opened a lot of ruins, spread over three hills. As the coupling element is to use the area, which has not been reliably strengthened. The total area, which covers an area of ​​2.5 thousand meters. In the central part of the area located the tomb of Mazar Kyzyl. The area of ​​the tomb was 360h160 meters square.


Today we can safely say that the Kyzyl Mazar belongs to the era of Muhammad Babur Zakhiriddin. In the early nineties of the last century, the locals decided to collect the necessary amount of money to be made in the complex needed redecorating.