This monument of a cultural heritage includes two madrasas, hence its name – “double madrasa.”


The madrasa of Abdullah Khan was erected between1588 and 1590. Today it is justly called one of the brightest samples of architecture. The main entrance is decorated in the form of a large-scale portal with a variety of decorative forms. If you look at the facade of the building in bright daylight, it is easy to see how the light rays are reflected from the majolica tiles that decorate the facade of the building.


Modari Khan Madrasa was erected in honor of the deceased mother of Abdullah Khan II.,the ruler of Bukhara. The construction year is 1566. The same date has been detected in a variety of literary evidence found on the territory of the complex. Madrasah was a classic institution of the time. Next to it was built a spacious dormitory for teachers and students. Also at the madrassa there were a mosque and classrooms. The central part of the madrassa was decorated with unique mosaics.