To the teahouses in the madrassas, everyone is probably already used to it, but dining inside the mosque is still a curiosity. Inside the mosque “Pahlavan Mahmud” there is little known, but quite interesting teahouse “Bir-Gumbaz”. Sitting in its historical building you feel the mystery and uniqueness of the East. The view of the famous Calta-Minor with great trepidation allows not only to spend a delicious feast, but also to be imbued with the whole antiquity of the city-museum of Khiva. The walls of the teahouse are hung with skillful suzane, the pillows are embroidered with colorful patterns. In general, the interior is made with taste, special oriental, buz every pomposity and excesses. Every detail here is given a special diverse atmosphere of national Uzbek life. Hospitality and goodwill of the staff will set you up for pleasant leisure time with friends or family. To visit the tea-house will be especially interesting for those who know little about the culture and history of Uzbekistan. First, you will be offered unfamiliar spicy dishes, and secondly a charming view of the old buildings and mosques.


In warmer days, you can warm yourself in a gentle sunshine, sitting on the open terrace. Dishes here are mostly Uzbek cuisine, there are a lot of vegetable salads. You can choose the portion size yourself: full or half. The most popular dishes here are crisp samsa, Uigur lagman, pilaf and of course you can not do without the cup of hot aromatic tea.


Walking along the complex of Icha-Kala, look not for an hour or two in “Bir-Gumbaz” and feel the charm of Uzbek cuisine (which here is quite tasty), contemplating the beauty of the Minaret of Kalta Minor.