Bold travelers to review

Tourists who do not look for comfortable rooms, preferring the maximum closeness to nature, can choose the southern shore of Issyk-Kul. Especially need to pay attention to Barskaun, which in the local dialect is called “Barskoon.” There is a mountain gorge, whose length exceeds the mark of nine kilometers. Numerous historical evidence suggests that in these places passed all well-known Silk Road in China. Despite the many different historical events associated with this place, especially popular this complex was due to a large number of waterfalls located here. If you think that this is just the waterfalls, then get ready to be surprised. Local guides will tell you many stories and legends associated with these waterfalls.


Another surprise awaits tourists in the gorge. Here you can find the monument to the famous cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Every year, the famous astronaut liked to relax in this corner of the world.


Prefer mountaineering or leisurely horseback riding, can safely go to the location in the mouth of the river Barskoon where the tourist cents – villages Tamga and Barskoon. These settlements are in Russian and Kyrgyz jurisdiction respectively.


Official road that connects the Barskoon gorge and, for a long time been one of the main trails of the Silk Road. On its way this road passed through the famous pass Bedel, whose height exceeds four kilometers. Nowadays this route heavily used by trucks, working on the development of the Kumtor gold.