Travel Kakheti: national traditions

This land, generously endowed by nature with all sorts of beauty, keeps many interesting customs and traditions. One such tradition involves the collection of a new crop of grapes. The most active of fresh grapes are harvested in mid-September. It so happened that for Kakhetians this process is largely a holiday. During the new harvest each bunch with great trepidation folded into the basket, which is then sent to the winery. In early spring, not only transforms nature, but also the homes of local residents, decorated with vine.


The centuries-old tradition of Georgian wine


Fresh grapes used for preparing the classic wine and national well-known beverage Majari, mousse, churchkhela and so on. Almost all expensive or cheap things to doin Kakheti are directly linked to this sector of the economy. Guests of the country will show not only the whole process of preparation of grape beverage, but also give themselves to try their hand.


Speaking about the popularity of the industry in the field of tourism specialists use only the superlative degree of comparison. Even a cursory look at the list of countries that buy Kakheti wine, lets say for sure about its quality and truly unique bouquet of flavors. The most famous winery is a factory, located a few kilometers from the town of Telavi. She founded her famous Alexander Chavchavadze.


Many last minute tours to Kakheti include visiting Tsinandali, where is a famous winery Chavchavadze. She became famous not only because of the exceptional quality of the wine produced here, but also because of the numerous guests who attended it. Preserved numerous historical evidence, saying that has been here Griboyedov and other public and cultural figures of the Russian Empire and Georgia. In the vicinity of the winery preserved old church, where Nino Chavchavadze and Griboedov got married.


The progressive development of the economy


Among all the natural diversity of Kakheti occupies a special place multi-plant, where the old wine production traditions are kept carefully. This plant has been equipped with the builders really spacious cellars, where it can be stored almost unimaginable number of finished wine. Here, while in certain conditions of temperature, there is a delay fault.


Today, the plant is not experiencing a shortage of personnel, because wine is literally the family business many Kakhetians. Over the centuries, each family passed down from generation to generation, the tradition of wine-making. The most active, this process now goes to the following districts of Kakheti:

  • Tsinandalsky;
  • Hirsinsky;
  • Mukuzansky;
  • Kardanahsky;
  • Tibaansky;
  • Akhmeta .


If you choose not only the experience the divine taste of local wine, but also bring a bottle as a souvenir, boldly go into any store in Kakheti. This is not only an experienced taster, but also ordinary tourists will be able to feel that gastronomic paradise on earth exists. To the list of the most famous wines of Kakheti include:

  • Kindzmarauli;
  • Kvareli wine;
  • Saperavi;
  • Rkatsiteli and so on.


Hardworking Kakhetians learned how to use all the gifts of nature, for example, not far from the most famous in the region, the vineyard has grown one of the most famous resorts in the mud – Akhtala. Famous Kahetija not only wine, cognac and alcohols, which can be found in various areas, such as Eniseli and so on. Numerous brandy and wine Kakheti long ago won first and second places in almost all international competitions.


So if you really want to know the taste of gastronomic delights, lovingly created by nature itself, then vacation in Uzbekistan and Georgia are ready to help. Only here the man has learned to take care of the nature, which is willing to disclose to him their secrets.