Enjoy a true Georgian bread

The history of the country, as well as the life of any person connected with bread. The same can be said of Georgia, where the art of the preparation of bread has long been something more than just a culinary skill. Shotis puri – the famous Georgian tortilla, which is found in all bakeries in the country. The peculiarity of these cakes is that they remain fresh for up to 48 hours, so they can easily take home with you.

Mchadi – well known to all Georgians tortillas made from corn flour. They are usually served to almost all meat dishes. Particularly popular these cakes have received thanks to taste traditional Georgian cheese and cornmeal. Historically, for the preparation of mchadi decided to use flour, prepared from maize Abashinskoy.

Ethnic cuisine has created a great variety of recipes create mchadi, for example, every housewife considered a personal victory, when she was able to make this dish even more delicious. However, despite the desire of local residents to create their own version of mchadi, in its list of required ingredients always include the following items:

  • Meal, corn finely ground;
  • Salt;
  • Flour;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Imereti cheese (if desired, the hostess can use suluguni).
  • Khachapuri – another well-known all over the world Georgian dish, which is a cake with various fillings:
  • Cheese;
  • Steam the fish;
  • Meat.

Traveling around the country, you can find khachapuri made on the basis of yeast dough, but the most delicious cake obtained by using sour milk. A classic ingredient of the cake is considered Imereti cheese, which should not be confused with suluguni. Old-timers say that almost every village has its own mountain subspecies of the pie:

  • Lobiani ( with addition of beans ) ;
  • Kubdari ( with meat) .

Traditional cheese pie – has long been not only a good way to satisfy hunger between basic meals, but also an integral part of many dishes. Traditional achma created a significant amount of puff pastry, a little exposed to heat treatment. After the dough decoction cook begins to add in a future famous pie suluguni. In preparing this cake, cook should always keep two important points:

  • Used cheese should always be salty;
  • The dough should not be sweet.

National Georgian cuisine – a magical blend of various flavors and aromas. A pie, soups, pickles, spices and seasonings – all this and more continues to evolve over the centuries, while being really tasty and healthy. After trying all this time gastronomic wealth, you want to come more than once to return.