Cheese – is one of the gastronomic symbols of Georgia

There is a well-known saying that you must be sure to try the house specialty in each country. In addition to bread, Georgia is known for its delicious cheeses. Here, no feast cannot pass without the cheese, which is a separate dish or part of other dishes. In Georgia, there are several kinds of cheese:

  • suluguni;
  • Hood (sheep’s cheese);
  • kobiysky (cheese from highly spicy taste).


The perfect complement to the cheese will become a classic Georgian “Tarragon”.


Mineral water – a natural source of health


“Borjomi” – one of the few drinks, known far beyond the borders of their country. Officially Georgia delivers the mineral water in forty countries on different continents. Source water is at a depth of 8 kilometers. Mineral flow is the most powerful natural filter made ​​from real rock of volcanic origin.