A few years ago appeared in the Armenian capital of a new stylish place where you can quietly enjoy a cup of coffee, a leisurely contemplating the bustle and busy rhythm of the city streets, or treat yourself to a hearty lunch consisting of delicious dishes of European cuisine, with an appropriate accompaniment in the form of a delicious drink. Tour Operators of Armenia consider this restaurant one of the most remarkable and striking in Yerevan. The restaurant «Veranda» pays special attention to cuisine based on seafood, but there are also the unique dishes which include meat or sweet, fresh vegetables. In any case, the qualities of products that are a result of the fall on your desk, as well as their origin, are subject to the tireless care and attention, cooks working here. A complex formula, high skills of local chefs and constant friendliness and genuine concern for the waiters, is a guarantee of excellent meals at the restaurant «Veranda». You feel hungry enough for a full lunch or dinner, try the local salads or cold dishes. Veranda is always filled with people, so be sure to stump your hotel staff in Armenia requesting to reserve a table.


The restaurant is divided into two zones. One – is a cozy cafe, with heavy furniture, neat low tables, rich drape the walls with intricate ornaments. The surrounding area is gently draws natural light pouring through a wide panoramic window, and after dark, heavy, decorated in massive ceiling lamps, ceiling chandeliers. There, leaning back on a soft, so nice to sip cocktail or small sips of coffee to savor a fascinating conversation or an interesting book.


Hall restaurant with quite classic tables and chairs, cheerfully decorated ripe pumpkins. It’s not just resting all sorts of goodies, but also offer to arrange a luxurious feast. Fortunately, the hall itself is able to fit an impressive company in one hundred and fifty people. «Veranda» opens its expanses of visitors every day at noon and responsibly working until the last guest is ready to leave its hospitable walls.



Tel .: (+374 10) 70 20 February

Mob .: (+374 99) 02 00 50

Address: RA, Yerevan, Northern Avenue 3/85