Republic Square

The place where you find yourself in any case linger in Yerevan for more than a couple of hours – it is Republic Square. The pulsating life and intoxicated by this beauty and love for Armenian culture heart of the city – this is not only a symbol of the capital of Armenia, but also the essence of the urban image. This is not surprising, since the look and design of this urban place-name were created by the architect Tamanyan, who was the author of the current and still the master plan of Yerevan development. Its modern look area adopted after the death of the great master, but the construction of all the facilities is in accordance with his ideas. And next to the area is full of Armenia hotels where you can stay in.


First Republic Square amazes with its form – is not the usual view of travelers rectangle or circle, and a combination of two geometric shapes – oval and trapezoid. The square itself strikes a surprisingly harmonious appearance and remarkable balancing all of the architectural ensemble, without clear-cut dominant – present a visual representation of the republic. Buildings made in the neoclassical style, with the carry elements of traditional decor, and this combination creates a unique and distinctive architectural image. Total area of ​​the architectural ensemble includes 5 buildings together creates a wonderful composition. In addition, each is a unique monument of architecture culture. For the construction of buildings used velvet tuff, and for rich contrast of the lower part of the building is decorated smooth basalt. The total composition of the color – it’s paint early in the morning, milky white and soft pink. Until the early nineties of the last century the area bore the name of Lenin, like many major facilities across the country, but after the declaration of independence it was renamed Republic Square.


On the east and west side of the guard froze two houses – the House of Government and on the opposite House of Ministries, now a shelter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Energy. The main decoration of the Government House was the tower, he has written a number of high arches and topped by a clock. These are astronomical clock and bell. The building itself resembles the contours of its medieval castle and its shape reminiscent of the traditions of the Armenian architecture. Arches and columns covers whimsical and complex ligature ancient Armenian ornaments, carved directly into the stone column. A similar appearance and has a building of the Ministry. In a fantastic duet stay and two other buildings, they are Post House (or Post Office RA) and «Mariott Armenia”, one of the most luxurious of Armenia Hotel. They cover an area of gentle semicircles and unique shape structures gives rhythmic tone of high arches and narrow windows of the upper floors. Closes ensemble unique structure of the museum complex, where under one roof is the Museum of History and National Gallery. The building itself is more like a palace, and its delicately drawn whimsical bright contours are reflected in the water surface of a large swimming pool, which is in the midst of gently murmuring and soar skyward transparent sparkling fountain jets. That part of the area, which is an oval, paved with beautiful patterns, that a refined mosaic made ​​up of the shiny tiles.No visit to the Republic Square cannot do any tour in Armenia.


Especially beautiful the whole ensemble in the evening, when the buildings are painted warm tones of exquisite lighting, the space itself is filled with brightly dressed idly strolling people, their laughter and animated conversation, and the fountains turn whimsically painted in bright colors bud that mysterious twinkle in the velvety Southern darkness. Tour Operators of Armenia advised to look here at least a few times in the morning, afternoon and evening.


The area to the nineties of last century went boulevard decorated drinking fountains in 2750, which were to symbolize the number of years that have lived in Yerevan.Now here is an Opening Day.