Church of St. Sarkis

On steep, edged fangs gray rocks banks of the river Hrazdan anciently existed a monastery. It is located opposite the ancient mound, covered flesh was hiding past centuries wall Urartian fortress of Erebuni, which separated him only lead the flow of water. At the monastery there were three churches, among them the temple of St. Sargis. So if you want to admire this building, turn it into the program of the tour in Armenia, implying visiting Erebuni. In addition to these facilities, the complex is decorated with a lush garden overgrown, hidden in the walls of the church school buildings, inhabited by monks, the refectory, the Vicariate room and one of the oldest Armenian hotels . Immediately located and chambers of the Patriarch, and St. Sarkis Church bore the proud title of Diocesan Headquarters. This architectural splendor was razed to the ground by a powerful earthquake in 1679. He called Garni, and it was one of the most destructive in the history of Armenia. According to the estimates of modern historians, powerful tremors and severe destruction followed them claimed the lives of more than seven and a half thousand people, and the city of Yerevan has virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. Residents, however, did not lose heart, and with the same tenacity and full of light with love for their city valiantly began to recover, since not only houses, but also shrines. It was restored and the Church of St. Sarkis, but in the mid-nineteenth-century building, it was decided to completely rebuild.


The New Face of the church Surb Sargis was a humble and extremely discreet. Church officials considered a similar appearance unworthy title Diocesan Headquarters Church. And when the post of Catholicos of All Armenians Vazgen I finished building it was decided to radically restructure, giving it the appearance of a great solidity and even a certain solemnity.


Development of the project of reconstruction gave the architect Raphael Israelyan, who created a new image of the church Surb Sargis. The very form of the temple, as well as the walls, it was decided to maintain as the basis for the future of the church. However, the church again revived with tuff, a busy and festive orange. On the interior of the temple he was working another master, Artsrun Galikyan who gave the appearance of a large domestic luxury befitting the high status and elevated gallery, where the choir could perform. Reconstruction was completed construction of a slender spire of the bell tower in the two thousandth year, marking the beginning of a new century.


Funds for all these construction works were also received from overseas diaspora, as part of the Treasury has been allocated an eminent philanthropist from London, Sarkis Kyurkchyanom. After his death, work was continued by the children. This deed was immortalized on a commemorative plate on the west wall.


Now the appearance of the church Surb Sargis – it is amazing combination of Armenian traditions, church architecture, going deep into the times and modern shapes. The building rises above a rocky cliff, looks surprisingly nice and fresh, and so asks for the camera lens. Armenian tour operators recommend necessarily look here to admire this beauty.