Cafe “Jazzve”

What happens if you mix a refined cocktail of jazz and coffee? We had an excellent network of schools, spread throughout Yerevan, with the ringing and buzzing a bit called «Jazzve». It was with a similar sound foamed hot, fragrant and dark drink to the Turks, or as it is commonly called “jazz”. From the fusion of two words dzhazva and jazz and has appeared at the beginning of the two thousandth’s the name of the new company, which, after years, has reached such proportions that not only entertains strong coffee Yerevan, but also engaged in the supply of grains of different varieties, and also opens up the charming cafes abroad. There is no tour of Armenia does not pass without tasting coffee at Jazzve.


«Jazzve» – is not just a cozy restaurant, where you can treat yourself to one of the coffee drinks, but also a favorite place for meetings, present the club where patrons schedule meetings, arrange pleasant gatherings with friends, designate dating. Fortunately, the institutions, and in Yerevan they have several, and are renowned for their magnificent interiors. The white walls, soft ocher shiny, heavy and dark wood furnishings, unique items (antiques, chubby folios), interesting pictures and the main feature of caffeine, some incredible ceiling lights in all shapes and colors.


The first is the oldest institution appeared in the Armenian capital near the cinema “Nairi”. Since the establishment in just a few weeks has gained enormous popularity, and could no longer accommodate all those wishing to enjoy a coffee with the sweet sounds of jazz, it was decided to open several rooms in other parts of Yerevan. Whichever hotel you stayed in Armenia, close to this cafe.


By the way, jazz is not only sound in the recording, in the cafe often drop and professional musicians to pamper visitors hoarse and gentle sounds of the saxophone and violin. The network itself often hosts various festivals. In general, all the places that bears the name «Jazzve», very similar fantastic food, great selection of coffee drinks and other goodies and at the same time some different atmosphere. There is a cozy, almost domestic small cafe, and there are large halls, where there is always high jinx, and over the joyous hubbub of the crowd swim loud sounds of jazz.


In «Jazzve», in addition to standard espresso and its many derivatives, serves and cocktails, both alcoholic and always heady, delicious punch and mulled wine, wonderful pastries, soft fruit desserts, pancakes with sweet fillings, crispy waffles, hearty sandwiches and fresh salads . Selecting a surprisingly rich, this cannot be found on holiday in Uzbekistan.


Now Yerevan café is open 6 «Jazzve». You can get around all the places and choose the one that you most will like.