Armenian Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after A. Spendiarova

Captivates with its harmonious proportions and classic appearance of opera house, located at the intersection of several key roads of the city. Indeed, in Yerevan, all roads seem to lead it here. What it is not surprising, because he architectural unique look of the theater enter the building in the list of the major monuments of Armenian architecture in the whole country. Even if you are not a fan of fine art, harmonious figure of classical dance does not please your eyes and delicate arias do not delight the ear, you still worth visiting this tourist attraction and enjoy the least appearance of the building, if a campaign does not tempt inside. Therefore, the building is part of a tour in Yerevan, any standard tour in Armenia.


The decision on the basis of the theater was made ​​in the early thirties of the last century, and a year later, the troupe founded by graduates and students of Yerevan State Conservatory, has pleased the townspeople bright premiere. But eight years the team led a nomadic life, wandering from one room to another, waiting for the construction of the Art House will be completed. The project of this building also belonged to the genius of Urban Development Tamonyanu whose talent embodied in this building has been awarded the main prize at the Paris International Exhibition, which was held in the French capital in 1937. The construction turned out surprisingly harmonious, it perfectly combines elements of neo-classical style, which gives the appearance of some antique semicircular building, as well as traditional Armenian elements of decor, beautiful carvings and some other characteristic of these lands the part. At dusk it turns on a bright and original lighting, which gives the building a new and unusual appearance, cleverly dividing it into three levels and brighter writing volume elements of the facade. For a long time to get to the theater does not have to, it is in walking distance from most of Armenia Hotel, located in Yerevan.


One of the boldest ideas of the architect was to combine in a single space of the theater, two auditoriums, one of which belongs to the Philharmonic. Construction took place over twenty years. At first it was created the premises for the theater, and then finished the Philharmonic Hall. In the end, the building underwent a major reconstruction in the eighties of the last century, she gave him a fully finished appearance, which has remained unchanged since then.


Today, the theater room may take more than one thousand two hundred spectators, and about one thousand four hundred people can simultaneously accommodate in the Philharmonic Hall. In addition to the number of viewers, the architect was keenly interested in the issue accurate and complete transmission of the sound, so the form has been selected as an amphitheater and one room for the second. It is possible to create here the magnificent acoustic data and ensure that all viewers without exception excellent overview of the scene. Today, the local productions can profiteer and cheap tickets, so going to the theater can be included in the scope of a cheap tour .


The theater building is unique in that it is located in the center of the web shining city, where there are as many as eleven streets and avenues.


On the south side of the theater is decorated with one of the most beautiful areas of Armenia, Liberty Square, where the composition is crowned with a monument to two outstanding figures of culture, the poet Tumanyan and Spendiaryan composer, whose name as a result was named Academic Theatre. For the convenience of the spectators, who come here to enjoy the next concert or staging, under the area a few years ago was undeveloped underground parking, consisting of three floors, ready to take up to 500 cars. The other side of Liberty Square encompasses lush emerald scenes scenic park. It is here, where, under the canopy of trees hiding charming tables, like to come to drink coffee, or something stronger audience before the premiere of the play or the romantically minded youth. In the square is another local landmark – a small artificial lake, which was created in a form that follows the contours of Lake Sevan. This pond is also known as “Swan Lake.”


Theatre – is a colorful architectural finale of Northern Avenue, which ends resting on the south facade of the building.


On the north side of the building surrounds a beautiful Academic Theatre of France area known in the city of beautiful squares, which are located near it. One of the gardens named after the famous Armenian artist Sarian, and here and still love to gather capital artists. So if you want to join the bohemian life of Yerevan, look here necessarily. Another park crosses a picturesque alley that takes you to the Grand Cascade, a beautiful flow of white steps billowing skyward, to the upper areas of the city. By the way, from the top of the Cascade magnificent view not only of the entire city, but also on the building of the Academic Theatre. Especially painting it in the evening, when everything starts flashing bright lights of the backlight. Armenian tour operators are advised not to forget the cameras. Walk of Fame, and several restaurants and cafes in which city residents like to gather for a pleasant conversation and uncomplicated meal. Place rather intended for a romantic break away, rather than to satisfy hunger.