The connection between the two worlds is how the Great Silk Road can be characterized, which was the largest complex of trade routes connecting the East and the West. Take a tour of the Great Silk Road together with LLC “Elite tours”, plunge into an unforgettable journey into the past and present of the world civilization.


It is known that this greatest network of roads began its existence in the II century BC. and initially allowed to conduct a lively trade between China and the peoples who inhabited the territory of Central Asia. The structure and direction of the ways of the Great Silk Road has expanded over time. Gradually, trade caravans began to go to Turkmenistan, Iran, the Arabian Peninsula, to Byzantium. The total length of the Great Silk Road was more than 7 thousand kilometers.


In those times when overcoming of large distances by a person was practically impossible, it was the trade routes that were a kind of bridge between different peoples and cultures. China supplied to other countries jewelry, glass, porcelain products, excellent quality silk, which was characterized by increased resistance to insects. From Central Asia, China was driven by Fergana, Arab and Turkmen horses, which at times outnumbered Chinese horses with physical qualities such as speed, speed, endurance. Also, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire learned about many vegetable and fruit crops that did not grow in China, spices.
By the 15th century the Great Silk Road had fallen into decay. The reasons for this were the numerous conflicts between the Turkish Empire and Europe, as well as the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries, which turned the merchants’ attention to maritime trade.


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