Many travel companies rightly talk about the steady growth of interest of tourists to numerous truly unique countries that retained its flavor. This list Georgia is not the last place. The streets of old Tbilisi, drowning in the shade of various trees, ready to tell the guests that have chosen the latest offerings , a lot of interesting secrets.The capital of Georgia, based on the site of numerous hot springs, it got its name in honor of them. In “Tbili” translated from Georgian language means “warm spring”.


The history of the Georgian capital base


One widely widespread legend tells of a ruler Vakhtang Gorgasali, who decided to go on a falconry. One moment his falcon chased very well-fed duck, which decided to hide from the Falcon in a small pond located nearby.


The irony of the whole situation was the fact that as a place to save the bird chose a hot spring, which turned into a roast duck and a falcon. The governor, who saw that his favorite falcon died, so grieved that he decided on the site of the hot springs to establish a settlement, which received the name of Tbilisi.


Solving the transportation problem


Almost every tour operator in Georgia will tell you that the most convenient way to get to Tbilisi was and is air transport. The average flight time from any of the capitals of the CIS countries is about three hours. National Georgian airline will take you to the terminal building modern, built about 15 kilometers from Tbilisi. It is directly in the city can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Special bus ;
  • Train ;
  • Taxi .


The most profitable and best way to get the bus remains, and the slowest to the Georgian capital – the train. Speaking of transport, it is also worth paying attention to the most effective way to travel around the capital of Georgia:

  • Metro, represented by two branches ;
  • Municipal buses ;
  • Private taxis ;
  • Public taxis.


If Metro will save you time, it will allow private taxis are relatively inexpensive to get to your destination. The most developed route just to sit still in the taxi. It should be remembered that the names of the stops and metro stations are written exclusively in the Georgian language, so if you want to know exactly where you want to go, check it at the other passengers.


The most famous tourist attraction place


If you consider yourself to be great fans of souvenirs, in Tbilisi you exactly like it. In this regard, it is estimated the representatives of the tourism industry, the Georgian capital, has much in common with some Asian countries. For example, tourism in Uzbekistan, the statistics which shows the constant interest of visitors of the country to all kinds of souvenirs, developed largely thanks to the various artisans. Are they in Tbilisi, being located on Rustaveli Avenue and in numerous markets. On the central avenue of Georgia is one of the nation’s largest souvenir shops. The second most well-known hallmark of Tbilisi is the wine, which can also be buy almost any retail outlet of the Georgian capital. Tourists are advised to go with the experience of the wine shop in the famous “House of Wine”, which shows everything varieties of the famous drink.


Practical tips for good photos


For those who really want to feel the spirit of old Tbilisi, will be an unforgettable journey into the area Abanotubani, where the sulfur baths. Here you can not only improve health, but also to admire the unrivaled architecture. Walking through drowning in the shade the narrow streets, you will find yourself in the area of ​​the archaeological museum, art gallery, numismatic fund and so on. Many rightly pointed out that Georgia, like a good friend, takes you by the hand and leads many to show their treasures.


Without which it is impossible to imagine a visit to Tbilisi?


If the trip to Rome is inevitably linked to the Colosseum, and in Paris – the Eiffel Tower, we can distinguish the following list of mandatory things in Georgia, which should make the tourist:

  • Visit Old Tbilisi ;
  • Go to the sulfur baths ;
  • Go on Turtle Lake ;
  • To try the national cuisine ;
  • Buy Georgian national costume and a few souvenirs.


Agencies noted that in Tbilisi today operates several dozen public and private over a hundred shops that sell souvenirs, so to purchase the guests of the country will not have problems.