Georgian Sioni Cathedral


Georgian Sioni Cathedral has long been one of the most famous tourist magnets in the country. Today it is the main place of worship in Tbilisi, being built in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Find Cathedral can anyone who will go in the direction of the Kura River. Among the many buildings, remembering the various stages of the history of the city, in Old Tbilisi can be found one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the region.


It is considered that its construction was started by the decision of the Byzantine governor Guram I in the beginning of the sixth century. Sorry, but after 600 years the cathedral has been attacked by the Arabs destroy it. After several years on the site of the destroyed Cathedral of David IV ordered to build here a larger temple, which is also tested for the strength of the nomads, the elements, and so on.


In the XX century on the cathedral looms over much danger – government Lavrenty Beria tried to use his full power to wipe Tbilisi even the slightest reminder of this cathedral. To the delight of many tourists, the Uzbek airline brought into the country in large numbers every year, the cathedral was able to stand up to the administrative machine.


By the mid-eighties of the last century, the entire cathedral complex has been completely returned to the Georgian Church. Since then, Tbilisi once again received one of his most famous cultural pearls, which have found their final resting place, many head of the Georgian Church. The most famous artifact is still stored in the Cathedral, it is the famous cross of Saint Nino. It is believed that with his appearance Georgia became a Christian country.