Feature of hotel infrastructure

The constant flow of tourists from different countries helped Gudauri to significantly reform the hotel infrastructure, which he inherited from the Soviet Union. It offers tourists here are a dozen hotels of varying degrees of comfort, working year-round. Each hotel is located at a distance from the noisy roads, so guests can comfortably stay in rooms, the number of which ranges from fifteen to forty.

Depending on the desired degree of comfort, the room price can vary from sixty to two hundred us dollars. At the same time, almost all local hotels provide customers with a standard set of services:

The opportunity to visit the sauna;
Availability of various cafes, restaurants and bars;
Jacuzzi bath or contrast shower;
Multichannel television system and so on.

If you like a more secluded atmosphere, in this case, you can give preference to numerous private houses, the cost of renting which will be slightly higher.