Cultural and entertainment in Batumi

Each year, the Georgian airline brought here by travelers looking for new experiences.


Most of all entertainment in the small town is centered along the central boulevard, stretching into the distance and a half kilometers along the picturesque beach:

  • Summer cafes and restaurants;
  • Souvenir shops;
  • Large shopping centers;
  • Themed bars and so on.


If you want to reach glance all this splendor, you can use the Ferris wheel. For a small fee you will be able to enjoy the spectacular sea views, as well as to get acquainted with some of the monuments that are architectural and cultural heritage of Georgia. Select you expensive or cheap things to do here, you are guaranteed to get a lot of positive emotions.


Europe Square – here are the famous Batumi singing fountains, and very tall monument to Medea, in the form of the Virgin holding the carcass of a sheep. Walking through the area or any other part of Batumi, remember that for every kiss in a public place, you will pay a penalty equal to 50GEL.