Gudauri Resort

Fans of a good winter holiday should definitely visit Gudari, which is one of the most popular resorts in Georgia. For many decades, the magnificent mountain scenery and excellent infrastructure attracted the attention of tourists from different parts of Georgia and foreign countries. The town, located on one of the slopes of the Greater Caucasus range, is literally buried in snow caps, keeping the peace of the majestic mountains.


Inexhaustible natural wealth
Gudauri, without false speed, can offer guests a well-developed infrastructure and magnificent natural scenery:

Numerous deep gorges, many of which can be visited with an instructor;
Spacious mountain slopes, ideal for skiing;
Full snow cover, allowing you to ride here from December to April;
The mountain slopes have different steepness, so here to please beginners and professionals.

Guests from different parts of the world note that nature itself has helped Gudauri to become one of the most popular ski resorts in the region, where the eye is pleased not only with nature, but the prices.


You can get here in different ways

Those who wish to visit this resort should always remember that Georgians are very gambling people, who love to bargain. For example, if you plan to go from the Georgian national airport to Gudauri by taxi, then get ready for this test. The average cost of a trip on the Georgian Military road from Tbilisi to Gudauri starts from one hundred us dollars, but if you can bargain with the driver for a long time, then, no doubt, you will be able to significantly reduce this amount.

If you do not want to practice wit, you can always book an official transfer organized by the hotel where you are staying. In extreme cases, you can always use a taxi, which is very cheap. It should be remembered that the driver will not move until the entire interior of the bus is filled. If you don’t want to wait, you can just pay for all the unoccupied places. Even in this case, the trip will be much cheaper than a taxi.

The average travel time, which is advantageous to start from Didube, and not from the National Georgian airport, takes about an hour and a half.