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Borjomobo is a standout amongst the most popular and generally praised anniversaries dedicated to the city commemoration. It is passed a legend that the city of Borjomi was initially conceived to be exclusively a fortresses, the walls of which were to be the impregnable Caucasian mountains. In order to reinforce the military intensity of the future stronghold, the ruler has ordered to put up several guard towers that have been given the name of the city on the slops of the mountain: borj-well-fortified wall, omi-military actions. On the day of celebration of this anniversary, the citizens take the most dynamic part in the arrangement of the festivity:

a variety of musical shows are being prepared;
national dance classes available;
national choreographic troops performances;
guests can enjoy Hinkali or Chahhahili;
the school of toast, etc.

A special spot on the occasion is the eloquence competition, where the participants must cap the opponent in the ability to formulate a bright yet laconic toast. So, needless to hesitate, just buy a tour and come here. In case you have any inquiries or need to book a room at the hotel, use the services of our Georgia travel agency.