Borjomi-healing power

Each country and each city has its own business cards that do not require additional explanations. French wine, Swiss chocolate, Chinese rice – all this has become a real symbol in these countries. Georgia also has a gastronomic symbol. In addition to the classic wine and kebabs, the country is famous for its mountaineers mineral water – “Borjomi”, produced in the same village.

Unique natural location

Borjomi town is located almost one hundred and sixty kilometers from the Georgian capital. The springs of the world famous mineral water are located in the Kura river gorge. Professional tourists who prefer beautiful nature and a healthy lifestyle, are well aware that you can not only improve your health, but also enjoy the enchanting scenery. For example, Borjomi is surrounded by numerous coniferous forests, the average height of which can reach three kilometers.

Most tourists know these lands only as a unique health resort, where you can improve your health with the help of natural remedies, not tablets and medicines. The first mention of these places in the Russian Empire is found in documents of the nineteenth century. In those years, the first workshop for the production of therapeutic mineral water was built here. The first bottles of Borjomi water were made of crystal with the obligatory addition of a reed cover. There is documentary evidence that Mikhail Romanov himself received healing water to the table.

Transport links with other regions of the country

First you need to get to Tbilisi, where there are several options for getting into Borjomi. After that, you will need to get to the Central railway station, where you will find a traditional commuter train or bus.

It is worth noting that this type of transport is well developed in the country. Almost anywhere in Georgia can be reached by bus from Tbilisi. It should be remembered that the route is written on the windshield of the vehicle. You can’t read in Georgian? Do not despair, because the drivers are happy to tell you what bus you can get to your destination.

Climatic features of Borjomi

A lot of words have been said about the fact that mother nature really loves this region. The town is so well located in the depths of the gorge that there is excellent weather all year round. Fresh mountain air, gentle sun, healing water – what else is necessary for a good rest.

The average daily temperature in summer is about twenty degrees, and in winter the thermometer will not fall below three degrees below zero. That is why travel agencies sell tours here 365 days a year. At the same time, tour operators say that the best time to visit Borjomi is June and may. During this period there is an active flowering of numerous trees and flowers, so the town is literally immersed in greenery.