Georgia Kakheti: natural features of the region

Many tourists nowadays prefer not only a specific set of services that each tour operator in Georgia is ready to offer our customers, but also possible to fully enjoy the unique nature, architectural masterpieces, historic sites, and so on. If you belong to the list of people who need it is, then do not hesitate to come to Kakheti – a region richly endowed in every respect

Rich in all respects Georgian region

Speaking of Kakheti, you can almost always use the superlative degree of comparison. Firstly, it is here that there are more than 25% of the total vineyard plantings and more than 11% of the area used for growing crops. Secondly, Kakheti landscape is truly amazing, for example, here you can find steppes, hills, mountains and plains.The most famous hill in the region is Gombori ridge. The average height difference here can reach almost 2 thousand meters.


If you like to test yourself for strength, then do not hesitate to Make last minute tours to Kakheti. It is located a lot of exciting tourist routes, allowing not only to visit the top of the mountains, and go down the rough mountain river. The most popular among tourists enjoy Inner Kakheti region, located in the stunning surroundings of natural landscapes:

  • Northern natural border region is Alazani Valley;
  • The eastern boundary of the region is Gombori Ridge;
  • The southern boundary of this region of Georgia expressed insufficiently;
  • Watershed of Inner Kakheti passes through hollow Tusheti .

Big elevation changes and some climatic features create some difficulties for agriculture. As a result, farmers are forced to use artificial irrigation fields.


Climatic features of Kakheti

Climate – an important part of the life of any region. This climate determines not only the tourist and agricultural potential of each area, but also the general standard of living. In this respect, Georgia is largely coincides with a number of Asian countries. For example , tourism in Uzbekistan, reviews which talk about ever-increasing popularity of such tours is largely based on the climatic characteristics of the region, creating a unique flavor.


If we talk about the Kakheti region, it is a pleasure to allocate a temperate climate with relatively low humidity levels. If the Uzbek airline will take you to Kakheti summer, the scorching sun, you are not exactly meet. Generally, summer is quite cool. Looking at the overall climate map of the region, we can say that excessive temperature changes here you will not see. However, if you go to the mountains, there you really see the power of nature. From a climatic point of view, there are several regions:

  • Right Bank Inner Kakheti – is located along the north-eastern border region;
  • Left bank Inner Kakheti – located at the southern border region.

Today, here, local authorities apply a lot of effort in order to provide the region with water for irrigating crops.


Big tourist potential

Supporters of adventure tourism will find in Kakheti are many interesting ways to spend time. For example, you can try extreme descent down the mountain rivers, scuba diving. If you give preference to leisurely walks on the water surface, the numerous rivers, whose shores are literally drowning in all sorts of vegetation, allow to enjoy the many landscapes. Representatives of travel agencies recommend to spend on such a journey at least three days.