Georgian cuisine and restaurants

National cuisine of this country does not start from the food, and with the method of its delivery. In Georgia, no feast is impossible to imagine without philosophical toast is appropriate in any situation. Do not be surprised if even in a small restaurant before dining meal you will hear ornate Georgian toast. With the amount of toast, uttered during a meal, and is linked another feature of Georgian feasts. If the total number of toasts during a meal of reception is less than two dozen, then a meal will not cause much interest Georgians.


In addition to the mandatory exercise in rhetoric, Georgians necessarily choose only fresh products. The real insult to the Georgian will be the fact that the table serves not the first freshness. It is important, and the amount of food on the plate. Too small portion Georgians say that the owner does not appreciate their guests, unnecessarily saving food.


Skewer – one of the most popular meat dishes not only in Georgia, but also far beyond its borders. National traditions prescribe eating it entirely by hand. If you dare to use traditional utensils, some, no doubt, will become the target of hundreds of oblique views. Also, the use of the cutlery do not allow you to enjoy the real taste of the famous gastronomic symbol of Georgia.


Mineral water, wine and other national drink


Georgian wine – a more widespread in the country way to decorate any meal. Historical records indicate that the first wine-making workshops emerged in the country as early as the fifth century BC. In subsequent centuries, relying on the mercy of nature, gave the Georgians all the necessary conditions for the cultivation of grapes, hard-working people of the country were able to create more than five hundred different varieties of it. The most famous wine brands of Georgia include:

  • “Saperavi”;
  • “Hvanchkara”;
  • “Kindzmarauli”;
  • “Mukuzani”;
  • “Akhasheni”;
  • “Teliani”;
  • “Kakheti”;
  • “Tsinandali”;
  • “Tbilisuri”.


In addition to wine, Georgians prefer grape vodka and a variety of national beers.


Georgian carbonated beverages – fans a refreshing moisture can try here a series of “Ishino”, made on the basis of fresh juice or the classic “Tarragon”. Proponents of a healthy lifestyle in Georgia may try many types of healing and table mineral water.


If you go to a restaurant, then you can thank the institution for quality service, leaving a “tip.” It is worth noting that the sum of them is not fixed, but the tradition is to leave about 10% of the total amount on the account. Some national institutions catering “tip” are already included in the total score. In other client can not simply take delivery, to thank the institution for excellent service.