Georgia: the features of the trading network. Features of the national customs legislation.

Every tourist knows about the need to carefully examine the features of the customs legislation of the country where you plan to go. Such features are also present in Georgia.


The right to import and export of currency


First, the customs authorities shall allow free import and export any foreign currency in strict compliance with one condition – between the date of entry and exit from the country was not more than 365 days. It is important to note that the declaration is not mandatory, but recommended, if the total amount of foreign currency imported more than 2 thousand dollars in equivalent.


Declaration procedure will help avoid a lot of problems when leaving the country. The Declaration will help you to formally prove that this amount was legally imported into the country, not received as a result of illegal operations.


Second, the import of Georgian national currency is permitted in an amount up to 25 thousand GEL. Exportation is allowed up to 3 thousand GEL. This can only take out 4 copies of each denomination banknotes. If you wish to withdraw a large sum, it is necessary to issue this official permission of the National Bank of the country.


Of duty-free


Exempt from customs duties personal effects and valuables tourists, whose total weight must not exceed 100 kg. At the same time they are subject to mandatory declaration. From payment of customs and other payments are also exempt:

  • Import no more than 200 cigarettes unit;
  • Not more than three liters of wine;
  • No more than 10 liters of beer.


Entering the country citizens should also pay attention to the list of items that are not allowed to move across the state border of Georgia:

  • Drugs and narcotic substance;
  • Explosives and its elements;
  • Materials of pornographic nature;
  • Materials and documents that could harm the interests of the Georgian state;
  • Materials that violate the norms of morality and ethics;
  • Materials, which are the objects of the national cultural heritage.