Georgia: National hospitality and cordiality

For centuries, Georgia is famous not only for its majestic mountains, superb cuisine and diverse culture, but also a real Caucasian hospitality.


Features of the national feast


National Georgian mentality is manifested not only in relation to other people, but even during the feast. How many books, stories and legends associated with traditional Caucasian feasts. Ethnographers say that unlike European meals, Georgian feast is very liberal in terms of rules and regulations, but there is also a list of unwritten rules:

  • Be sure to provide reciprocal favors owners of the house;
  • In any time you can not interrupt it toastmaster;
  • The bread can be used as a spoon for sauce or gravy;
  • Hands can eat chicken and meat dishes.


Interethnic dialogue in Georgia


Anyone who has ever visited in Georgia, will pay particular attention to dialogue with the Georgian representatives of other ethnic groups and countries. Here, as noted by historians and cultural experts, to strike a balance between appropriate joke, irony and humor. That is why better to avoid when speaking in the Georgian religious or nationalist themes. A special place in this issue takes South Ossetia and Abkhazia, who have decided to withdraw from the country after the armed conflict. Here conflicts in intercultural basis are commonplace.

  • in public places;
  • in state institutions;
  • in catering establishments, where visitors are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Constant blackouts and central heating make the locals to install at home numerous stoves, diesel generators, and so on. All this creates an increased load on the air in most settlements. Aggravates the situation and the numerous vehicles that use as fuel mediocre gasoline.