Yusuf Hamadani Mosque

Abu Yaqub Yusuf al-Hamadani was born in 1048 in Hamadan. Upon reaching adulthood, he went to study in Baghdad. This city was known preachers, scholars and Sufis. Over the years, he has achieved great success and became a highly respected jurist and expert on hadith throughout the East and Central Asia. Later Hamadani left teaching, moved to Merv and became an ascetic. Here, this learned man is very revered. His counsel asked the nobles, sheikhs and elders. A considerable period of time he lived in Herat and Khorasan Bamiyine. Old age Hamadani went to Merv. Here he found eternal rest in 1140. On his grave scientist has come a lot of people, so near to the XIII century, built a large school and a mosque and mausoleum raised over the grave. Time raids and conquerors gradually destroy the structure.


Archaeological expeditions to Merv gave impetus to the restoration work on the tomb of al-Hamadani. Later, the mausoleum of mosque completely reconstructed. In the area increased several buildings. One of them represents the vault over the tomb of the famous Sufi, there can be seen a black marble slab, decorated with inscriptions and ornaments with floral motifs. In the western sector of the ensemble rises khanaka – room for prayers. It is bordered by high central quince.


Yusuf Hamadani Mosque is a very popular place for Muslim worship. No wonder during his sermons sometimes miracles happen.