The National Park of Independence of Turkmenistan

For every tourist who arrives in Turkmenistan it is not only related infrastructure important, but also the opportunity to just enjoy a leisurely stroll. And there are opportunities in the sunny and welcoming Ashgabat was always in excess. Lovely city, decorated with fountains, marble, flower-filled parks and all sorts of attractions ready to give you my love.


Numerous hotels in Ashgabat offer guests a rich program of the country. One of its mandatory items Independence Park is a country where intricately interwoven past, present and future of the country. Is a famous recreation area, an area where more than one hundred and forty acres in the southern part of the city, near the Avenue Archabilskogo. Today, the park is about 50% of the total green area of Ashgabat.


Features of the park plan


Guests entering here, just pay attention to the luxurious interior of Independence Park:

  • Numerous cozy benches ;
  • Openwork staircase ;
  • Pedestrian and bicycle paths ;
  • pump room ;
  • Numerous monuments along the comfortable paths;
  • A variety of fountains, made in the form of animals and birds;
  • The monuments to national heroes ;
  • Monument of Independence of Turkmenistan and so on.


The central part of the Independence of the park is the same name the column, the top of which is decorated with a crescent and 5 stars, acting as a symbol of national unity. At the foot of the monument, which you can get in on the massive marble staircase, is the national yurt. Inside a huge tent is the National Museum of Independence of the country. The total height of the monument is almost one hundred and twenty meters.