Gurbanguly Hajji Mosque

In March 2009, Mary opened a new white marble mosque with a big azure dome, is considered the main in Mary province.


Construction began in 2001, but work came to a standstill due to lack of funds. In 2007, at the official meeting of the President of Turkmenistan is conveyed the request of the population of Mary for help in completing the construction of the mosque. The response was positive, from the charity presidential fund was allocated the sum of about $ 1 million. In view of this and the people will object given the name Gurbanguly Hajji.


The architecture of the present figure is 63 – the age of the Prophet Muhammad. Firstly, the height of the four minarets located at the corners of buildings. Second, you can get it, if we draw a circle from the center of the dome to the periphery of the complex.


The nominal of capacity is 2500 people. From a separate entrance with stairs which leading to the upper tier, designed for women worshipers. The mosque has a refectory hall for 1,5 thousand. There people will have dining room, hotel and building for ritual ceremonies. Surrounding area ennobled with trees, fountains and benches.


The interior of the dome of the hall is 8 gray columns holding up the cut by arched stained glass windows vault. You have to finish there using a variety of decorative materials – marble, mosaic, stone carving and ganch and earthenware tiles.


The azure majolica dressed as a central dome and four smaller on the building and on the minarets. At the top of each of them you can see the gilded crescent.