Ashgabat Bazaar Tekinka

At Azadi Street is the oldest city market – Teke is located. In the ancient times in this territory lived nomadic Teke tribes. One part of these people bred cattle, including the Akhal-Teke horses. They also were engaged in handicrafts. They offered for sale – wool, yarn, handmade clothing, hides of cattle and decorations, as well as foals and adult horses of noble breed. Some Tekkins have become farmers. Initially, residents traded products of their own the market The current Tekinka market covers an area of ​​more than 1.5 thousand square meters. The central sector of it is covered with rows of food products – vegetables, fruits, nuts and dried fruit, milk and milk products, meat and chicken. You can also buy several kinds of wine and cognac.


Grocery products at Tekinke are cheap, but they often weigh wrongly. Though, this does not stop the population and the market is a leader in popularity.


Over the years, the market has expanded a parking lot for cars, shops and new indoor pavilions implementing beverages, confectionery and diverse household items and others have been built here.


Tourists and visitors suggested going to the shops trading in traditional clothes and handmade silver ornaments. The rows of famous Tekika knotted carpets look incredibly colorful.