Kazakh hospitality

Oriental peoples have always been known for its special approach to the reception of guests. National traditions prescribe to the dear guest edged weapons, special carpet, nice horses donate, coat or robe. A special place is occupied by older guests, for them in immutable order was necessary to prepare a small soft treats that were supposed to show an immense respect for the owners who came to their house to man.


Ethnographers say that the traditional houses of the Kazakh guests were divided into several types, each of which require special treatment:

  • Guests who are specially invited to the house;
  • Occasional guest;
  • An unexpected guest.


Came guests could ask to quote a poem, sing. From that usually no one refused, because in this way the guest thanked the hosts for their kindness, a warm welcome. Traditional treats for the guests were called « white » – it was about the products made from milk, but also because it is the white color symbolized the loyalty and purity of thought:

  • Kumiss;
  • Airan.


Most Kazakhs are invited to visit the neighbors to not only meet, but also to maintain a normal relationship. It is commonplace in the Kazakh villages is considered to help neighbors every way possible.