Official visa to Uzbekistan

Official visa to Uzbekistan: what documents are needed for tourists to visit the country?

What documents need to be submitted in order for an official visa to be formalized in Uzbekistan? Do citizens of the Russian Federation need a Uzbekistan-Russia visa to visit the camp?

Any tourist traveling on the road must make sure beforehand that he has the necessary documents for crossing the state border. As a rule, an official visa to Uzbekistan, issued by the consulate of the country in a timely manner, is necessary for a foreign passport. It is important to note that with some countries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan has signed an agreement on visa-free border crossing. Such countries include:

  • Azerbaijan;
  • Armenia;
  • Republic of Belarus;
  • Georgia;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Republic of Kyrgyzstan;
  • Moldova;
  • Russia;
  • Ukraine.

Residents of other countries must submit documents to the Consulate for obtaining a document authorizing entry into the country.

Short-term visa to Uzbekistan is issued on the basis of several documents

Foreign citizens must collect and personally submit the following list of documents:

  • passport;
  • round-trip tickets;
  • completed visa application form;
  • photos of passport format;
  • our travel company will issue a tourist invitation for you.

After reviewing the submitted documents, the Consulate decides on the possibility of issuing an entry visa for you. However, there are cases where the consular department can refuse the applicant.

Citizens of the Russian Federation wishing to visit Uzbekistan can do this without a visa. To do this they will only need a valid passport. The short-term Uzbekistan-Russia visa was abolished on the basis of bilateral agreements. At the same time, all citizens entering the country must necessarily study the requirements of the national customs legislation.