Mausoleum of Usto Ali Nasafi

This is a religious building built in the form of a rectangle with a single-chamber structure. Architects used majolica tiles as cladding of the building. Comparative analysis showed that the same technology was used in the construction of tombs during Chaghatay era. It is believed that this mausoleum belongs to the Turkic carpet style, being one of the most prominent representatives. It should be emphasized that most of the mausoleums in the complex of Shahi Zinda in Samarkand, which survived till modern time, were built in a classic Iranian style. The presence of two largely different architectural and design schools here has benefited the entire complex.


In those years, every architect sought to harmoniously enter his own creation in the surroundings; thereby it became possible to create a unique architectural complex. Each element of the building was not only perfectly in tune, but also does not overlap the surrounding buildings by its massiveness. Various styles used in decorating gave the buildings unique beauty.