Mausoleum of Abdi clan

In Samarqand located two mausoleums of Arabian clan of Abdi coming back to the Caliph Usman connected with burial places of Islamic lawyers. These mausoleums are Abdi-Darun and Abdi-Birun. The former was situated inside the city, and was founded in the 17th century by famous minister called Nadir Divan-beghi at tomb of Khodja Abdi who was considered as a first Islam preacher in Samarqand. The mausoleum of Abdi-Darun was planned to build by his scion Khodja Abdal-Maz ad-Din who was Qazi of Samarqand in the 9th century. The basis of constructions comes back to the 12th century. In the beginning of 15th century a room for bending the knee was appended and as well the water reservoir in the courtyard.