Maslumhan-Sulu Mausoleum

What is a man ready to do for the sake of love? The history of this mausoleum proves that no obstacles exist for the loving heart. Maslumhan-Sulu Mausoleum, the process of construction of which began in the twelfth century, is located in the ancient Khorezm. This sacred place,which is different by its unique architecture and almost tragic legend, attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the region.


The legend tells of a ruler of Khorezm, who wished to have a mausoleum whose greatness would fully reflect the power of the Empire. The construction was commissioned to a young architect, who one day saw a girl near the construction site, whose beauty outshone even the heavenly bodies.


Young architect fell in love with her, but she did not answer in return. Then the architect learned that the girl was the daughter of the ruler, who commanded him to build a mausoleum. Architect confessed to the girl in his feelings, but her heart was not touched. The proud and stubborn girl said that she would respond to him in return only when he jumped off the roof of the mausoleum. Without hesitating a second, the architect fulfilled this wish.


The daughter of the governor, seeing the dead body of her fan, realized how much he loved her. Being in despair and deep sorrow of the offense, she committed a suicide. Based on this legend the name to this mausoleum was given in honor of the deceased ruler’s daughter, whose name was Hansulu. The girl was buried in this mausoleum, where these tragic events unfolded.


Initially, the mausoleum, where other graves were also discovered was located exceptionally under the ground. Over time, many of its elements were destroyed, so the builders had to almost completely rebuild some elements on the surface. The interior of the mausoleum has remained virtually untouched:

  • A large central hall;
  • The set of shallow niches;
  • An arch, joining the small hall and the west wall;
  • A large number of art of painting;
  • An 8-sided shaped dome that is coated with azure dye.