Madrasah Talib Makhdum

Numerous historical evidence suggests that the idea of ​​building a madrassa belongs to the court vizier Islam Khoja Talib and the governor of the city of Khiva Mohammed Rahimhanu II. The name of madrassas can be translated as « one who serves. » In modern Khorezm word « Makhdoom » – the person who owns the Persian / Arabic, as well as knowing the necessary minimum of secular and religious teachings has undergone significant phonetic changes.


Scientists have sufficient facts, allow us to say with confidence that in the madrasas mainly trained scribes, calligraphers and specialists in the field of fundamental secular sciences. The total area of ​​the building, whose shape is similar to a classic 4-gon is 18,8h16,55m. in the immediate vicinity of the madrassas are numerous dwellings, erected for a comfortable stay of students and teachers.


The upper part of the complex is represented by multiple decorative elements created using shades of green glazed bricks. To get to the patio to be overcome as mionsaray dome. On both sides of the religious building you can find a variety of classrooms and a mosque.


Facade of residential arches decorated with small size, and the facade of the madrasa – large patterned beam, where the date of completion of its construction. The first large-scale restoration works were held here in 1977.