Madrasah and minaret of Palvan Kari

This religious building was built under the direction of a well-known merchant of the city of Khiva Palvan Kari. The facts show that the merchant was not only a close advisor of Muhammad Rahim Khan II, but also took an active part in the creation of strong trade ties with the Russian Empire, Turkey and so on. Necessary for the construction of madrasa money, PalvanKari earned himself constantly developing his own business.


The Madrasah erected at the intersection of Kariev and Palvan Kari streets in the eastern part of Dishan Qala, has more than a 15 rooms, a massive minaret, a winter and summer mosque. Most decorative elements you can find only at the main entrance. For example, the upper part of the portal of the madrasa was decorated with an ornament made of green tiles. Green color was also used for decorating the domes of small corner turrets.


Madrasah is in close proximity to the historical complex of Saidbiy, which consists of several buildings:

1. A 2-storey madrasa;

2. A minaret;

3. A Mosque.


An important architectural feature of the madrassas of Palvan Kari is its difference from all previous religious buildings of Khiva in that period, where buildings traditionally were significantly narrowed as they were elevated. In this minaret a strictly straight cylindrical shape of a minaret can be seen, which is very confusing to many researchers.


Today it is impossible to say what caused the chief architect of the project to move away from the traditional canons. Some hypotheses suggest that such a significant avoidance from the existing traditions was due to « new developments », that appeared at the break of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.