Ensemble Kusam-Ata

This structure can be safely attributed to one of the most important centers of Sufi brotherhood. Numerous legends surrounding this building say that Kusam-Ata was the spiritual mentor of Bahauddin Naqshbandi. Today, the architectural complex includes several important buildings:

  • Mosque;
  • Mausoleum;
  • Place of residence, I pilgrims;
  • Three fortified entrance;
  • Shrine for important people.


Ambient Kusam-Ata buildings were built from the ninth to the tenth century AD. In the central part of the complex is a well-known historians mausoleum Kusam-ata. For several centuries it was rebuilt several times, so the option that tourists can contemplate now bears little resemblance to the original.


Found in a complex tombs were also given a lot of valuable information for researchers:

  • Some tombstones contain sacred inscriptions;
  • Many tombstones were different historical periods;
  • Most of the tombstones that were in a small room at the northern courtyard, had a special e encrustation of materials other shades from followed by application on them inscriptions.


Found tombstones date back to the period between the fourteenth and fifteenth century AD.